The Dove

The dove represents peace, love, and freedom. Three qualities of life that every person deserves.

The story of our dove is very special to me. It originated from a pendant that once belonged to my mother, a treasure of hers in the 1970s. She later passed it on to me and it became a treasure of my own. 

The pendant eventually broke which led me to see if it could be fixed by family friend and Goldsmith, Cheryl Rivest. Cheryl’s generosity of her craft and her time led to the rebirth of the dove for others to enjoy, both as a piece of art, and in the knowledge that their purchase has helped spread love to the life of someone who needs it.

This story embodies many of the things that are needed in the world, including maternal care, sharing skills, generosity, and support for each other. If these things were proliferated, the world would know peace, love, and freedom.

Katie Streeper
Founder/Executive Director